The Visionary's 90 Day Vision Planner

A powerful planning guide to make purposeful things happen in your ministry and in your life!



A powerful planning guide to make purposeful things happen in your ministry and in your life.

The struggle is over to find a planner that speaks to your life as a Kingdom Leader and Visionary. You need clarity and confidence to challenge yourself to conquer specific goals every quarter.

If you have ever felt confused and stressed without a clear way to plan for your Church, ministry, nonprofit or faith-based business, this 35 page planner will provide you with a road map to building a solid vision that allows the elements in your life and your ministry to complement one another as partners in this journey and in your calling. Use this planner to put pen to paper to produce a live VISION PLAN that you can execute with confidence.

90 Days is the perfect unit of time to make real progress in the big picture goals of your ministry and in your life. It gives focus and clarity to the elements at hand and helps you to break down the main goals of your ministry or community vision into steps that you can take each quarter. It also helps you to identify which members of your team you need support from and defines their roles in the process. 90 Days is a Quarter to give you the focus you need without getting overwhelmed. Develop time-bound measurable goals


This planner will give you the opportunity to plan the vision for both your ministry and your life in a paralleled manner. This is because they both overlap at so many segments that they may seem like they are one and the same.

However we want you to take this 90 Day Vision Planner and create a road map to building a solid vision that allows the vision of your life and ministry to compliment one another as partners in this journey and in your calling.

Print a fresh planner each quarter or every 90 Days to go through this visioning process again and again.


Part 1: An Overview of Vision Planning :Tips For Using The Planner

Part 2: Projections & Goals :The big picture of your overall vision in the future.

Part 3: Visionary Planning :Answer very specific questions about the vision of your church/ministry

Part 4: Monthly, Weekly Goals :The Lean Plan to map out the specific ways to accomplish your goals.

Part 5: Define Your Personal Vision : Use these worksheets to pay specific attention on your personal goals.

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